Enhance Scalability

Handle any number of users, complexity, or data volume at will.

Fast Innovation

Agile mobile and web app development without re-coding every component.

Fast time to Market

Short development cycles to keep up with the speed of your industry.

Minimize Financial 

Fixed costing for mobile and web app development. Lower up-front investment.

Pain Free Deployment

Error-free deployment of your mobile and web apps across cloud and on-premises environments.

Security by Design

We provide secure apps from design to deployment with the latest security features.

Android App Development Services

Our team of developers will support you throughout the development process by working together every step of the way, so that your project turns out exactly as you have envisioned it. Quality is one of our corner stones, we will test the application throughout the lifecycle so there are no surprises. We strive for the highest quality.

Speaking of quality – our Quality Assurance initiatives are not just geared towards detecting problems, but also to come up with precise solutions and improvement suggestions. We are always focused on well-written code, keeping Android UI patterns especially for navigation, dealing with data, getting input, notifications and screen interactions.

iOS App Development Services

We believe that every iOS development project is different. Some applications are independent; others are a part of bigger systems, where mobile app is only one part of the puzzle.

If you want to know who actually uses your app, we can integrate statistics from Google Analytics for mobile apps, and if the content of your application is dynamic we can then use Push Notifications.

We will work with you to develop the best app for your customers.

Harness the power of the Cloud

Whether your business is new to the cloud or your strategy is well progressed, Yosobox team can help you optimise your IT environment to take full advantage. Get expert advice across public, private or hybrid options to help you choose the right cloud environment for your business.

YoSoBox can also help you assess your cloud readiness, identify applications and workloads for migration and minimise transition risk. This all means less infrastructure considerations and management for your business, and more time to focus on core activities.

Software development Services

Outsourcing software development has changed. Businesses nowadays concentrate on finding a software provider with whom they would be able to establish a long-term technology partnership, where the partner acts as a consultant supporting the on-going innovation of the enterprise.

Continuous Integration

Focuses on blending the work products of individual developers together into a repository. Often, this is done several times each day, and the primary purpose is to enable early detection of integration bugs, which should eventually result in tighter cohesion and more development collaboration.

  • Team uses organized process for maintaining code, branches and merges
  • Automated builds on every commit
  • Every build is a release candidate
  • Automated tests on all builds
  • The build process is fast and lean
  • Automatically deployed to pre-production environment

Continuous Delivery

The aim of continuous delivery is to minimize the friction points that are inherent in the deployment or release processes. Typically, the implementation involves automating each of the steps for build deployments such that a safe code release can be done—ideally—at any moment in time.

  • Fully automated deployment process
  • Deployments are fast, maintenance-window free and can be easily rolled back
  • Whole team has visibility of all aspects of the delivery system
  • The team learns and reacts to problems as soon as they appear

Application Test Automation

Test automation increases the overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality. There are specific tools that can effectively execute automated test cases, and help in comparing actual and expected results. In this manner, automated testing can guarantee software proficiency without involving repeated and manual intervention.

  • Faster Feedback: improved communication among coders, designers and product owners, and allows potential glitches to be immediately rectified
  • Automated testing assures higher efficiency of the development team and accelerated results
  • Testing Efficiency Improvement: Testing takes up a significant portion of the overall application development lifecycle. This goes to show that even the slightest improvement of the overall efficiency can make an enormous difference to the overall timeframe of the project
  • Higher Overall Test Coverage: Through the implementation of automated tests, more number of tests can be executed pertaining to an application
  • Reusability of Automated Tests: Due to the repetitive nature of test automation test cases, in addition to the relatively easy configuration of their setup, software developers have the opportunity to assess program reaction
  • Thoroughness in Testing: With the inclusion of automation, there is a guaranteed focus on all areas of testing, thereby assuring best possible quality
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Test Automation greatly helps reduce the time-to-market of an application by allowing constant execution of test cases.


Containerization is a lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization that involves encapsulating an application in a container with its own operating environment. This provides many of the benefits of loading an application onto a virtual machine, as the application can be run on any suitable physical machine without any worries about dependencies.

  • Containers make deployments more reliable by removing issues with OS and package dependencies
  • Containers are using memory and CPU more efficiently than Virtual Machines
  • They can be very storage efficient between version by only requiring a download have changed
  • Containers offer network isolation between host and other containers - removing issues with managing port
  • Application-centric workflow
  • Portable deployment across machines
  • Built-in versioning

Businesses nowadays concentrate on finding a software provider with whom they are able to establish a long-term technology partnership, where the partner acts as a consultant supporting the on-going innovation of the company.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Everything we do is agile, so we're constantly reviewing, testing and fixing throughout the lifecycle of the project. We encourage close collaboration with our clients during the development and QA process. Clients will have access to our bug tracking tool so that everything is transparent and can be tracked to completion. This allows us to deliver high quality apps, every time. Quality can make or break a projects success, so it’s an essential area to focus on. Users will quickly find alternatives if there are usability, functionality or security issues that haven’t been address in the early stages. Our iOS app development services can include full QA and testing on a range of devices and environments.

Rapid Application

With our rapid application methods we apply pre-built components to the development process, to maximise business productivity at cost efficient prices. Such components are

  • Messaging and Real Time Chat

  • Shopping Cart and Payment Integration

  • Google Drive and Dropbox Amalgamation

  • Social Media and Email Registration and Logins

  • Google Maps and Geolocation integration

  • Photos and Video Uploads and Galleries

Why Choose Us

  • Ironclad NDA:

    We don’t share your work or discussions with anyone.

  • Transparency:

    We share a detailed timesheet via project management Tool.

  • Prototype:

    We provide you with a prototype to share and get feedback from your team before the final product.

  • Dedicated:

    We assign a project team lead to you.+ Ironclad NDA: We don’t share your work or discussions with anyone.